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Ngrane EY Ernst & young

Hello, is it me you’re looking for?

I’m Jongky and I’m about to get you your next project. You’ve got the talent, I do the talking. For me, it’s not only about what you do but about who you are. I will get to know you, your strengths and career goals, coaching you through each hiring process. Long or short term, big or small, I’ll find your perfect match.

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Ngrane Rieven Martis
Python Developer
Rieven Martis

“Luckily Ngrane’it guided me along each step from preparing me for the interview to office protocols.”

Ngrane EY Ernst & young
Ngrane Tim Schutte
Front-end Developer
Tim Schutte

“My first impressions were proved right when Ngrane’it swiftly got me the interview and within a week I was sitting at the office of Gemeente Amsterdam.”

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Tired of being a lone wolf? There is always a desk waiting for you in an inspiring work environment. Meet other professionals and build your network at our workshops, events and monthly get-togethers.

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You’re not just a number to us

We go above and beyond getting to know you. We value more than just your skills and look at your personality to find the perfect company culture to suit you. A place where you grow your talents and feel at home.

Ngrane Kim Swagemakers

You chose to do what you love, so do it

For digital talents, whether you’re a UX designer or PHP developer, we know all about your expertise. With our years of experience we’ve built up a large network of clients. Let us connect the dots so you can focus on your craft, stress-free.

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